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palha italiana (Brazilian chocolate fudge and broken tea cookies squares)

  According to the Brazilian magazine VIP, 500,000 was the number of Brazilians who watched last year’s Super Bowl. In a country that breathes futebol, those numbers are huge. My interest in football and the Super Bowl continues to be limited to gathering with friends with comfort/party food and beer, watching the best commercials and seeing the most attractive couple on the planet (Tom… Continue reading palha italiana (Brazilian chocolate fudge and broken tea cookies squares)

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rabanada: a brazilian christmas tradition

It’s been a while. I’ve been mostly eating away during this vacation in Brazil, but I also found a couple of opportunities to cook with relatives in a leisurely way – a rare case when you have little people around. It is Christmas time and it still does not feel like it. Maybe after 10… Continue reading rabanada: a brazilian christmas tradition

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thanks given and a lovely pie

You are probably in full Thanksgiving mode now, or you are all set and just doing the countdown for the cooking marathon to start. I am actually all done – our thanks were given during Canadian Thanksgiving this year, on Columbus Day. Now I am just going through the supermarket aisles wishing I could do it all over again. Call me… Continue reading thanks given and a lovely pie

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Sandy L. + Sarah B. = Mari C. (or carrot cake)

My editor (and husband) is back from a work trip to Bali. Yay! I’m back. Don’t judge, but we’ve gone crazy over the past few years fulfilling our kids’ wishes with “theme” cakes such as this insane lego cake, which involved me and Romas spending hours to mold fondant into lego pieces while binge watching House of Cards. How… Continue reading Sandy L. + Sarah B. = Mari C. (or carrot cake)

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butternut squash and coconut compote (doce de abóbora com coco)

The two cute pumpkins on the left may be laughing, but they don’t know what awaits them. They served their purpose well: they were carved by the children themselves this year for the very first time! I am impressed. It gave the kids hours of entertainment and a break for us. I still got to carve Cecilia’s pumpkin… Continue reading butternut squash and coconut compote (doce de abóbora com coco)

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Brazilian desserts are typically pretty sweet and a lot of them use sweetened condensed milk, like these chocolate fudgy-like truffles called brigadeiros (pronounced bree-ga-DAY-ros). The most popular sweet in Brazil, eaten from north to south, by rich and poor, they were traditionally rolled in sprinkles and served at children’s birthday parties (we used to eat at least 5 of those at a… Continue reading brigadeiros