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rigatoni and the last tomatoes

It is 29℃ in Alexandria right now (or 84℉ to locals). I know, since I’ve been living here for almost 10 years, you may think that I should be using Fahrenheit by now. But when I was an exchange student in Michigan a billion years ago, there was already talk about adopting the metric system. So I’ll keep on waiting.  This heat… Continue reading rigatoni and the last tomatoes

Arquive · Brazilian · Dessert


Brazilian desserts are typically pretty sweet and a lot of them use sweetened condensed milk, like these chocolate fudgy-like truffles called brigadeiros (pronounced bree-ga-DAY-ros). The most popular sweet in Brazil, eaten from north to south, by rich and poor, they were traditionally rolled in sprinkles and served at children’s birthday parties (we used to eat at least 5 of those at a… Continue reading brigadeiros