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stuffed halapeño peppers

I live in this wooded charming old street with no sidewalks and old homes. The kind of neighborhood where you can rely on someone to get your kids from the bus stop if you are late, or drop your infant off at night as you rush to the ER because your daughter fell and needs stitches. Or when you have to go straight from your doctor’s appointment to the hospital to deliver your baby 2 weeks early and you need someone to take care of your other kids who are in school. Or when your grandmother dies 5,000 miles away and you need comfort. You get the picture. The same neighbors that rescued us in all of the above (and more), also happen to make the most amazing stuffed halapeño peppers. Here is how they do it:

img_4376  img_4378img_4370


(adapted from John Thomas Grilling 24×7)

8oz cream cheese

8oz sharp cheddar cheese, shredded

12 halapeño peppers

10 slices of bacon

Dizzy Dust barbecue rub (optional)


Using latex gloves:

Cut peppers in half and remove seeds and some of the white membranes (the amount of membranes and seeds you remove or leave will determine how spicy your peppers will be).

Combine cream cheese and shredded cheddar and stuff each pepper, being careful not to overstuff them, or they will spill all over your grill.

Microwave bacon slices for 1,5 minute to precook slightly. Cut bacon slices in half lenghtwise and wrap each pepper with each strip of bacon.

Secure stuffed and wrapped peppers with toothpicks (or not), sprinkle with the barbecue rub and place them directly on the smoker or grill. Smoke or grill for approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour at medium-low heat.


When I first saw my neighbors wearing latex gloves I wondered if it was really necessary. Then I read more about it in this post by The Pioneer Woman, which will also convince you if you are in doubt.

These guys smoke their peppers on their Big Green Egg, this fabulous ceramic smoker that they swear by that works as a grill, oven and smoker.


Can you tell they like to grill (the grown ups, not the children)? No, these hypnotized children did not eat the hot peppers.



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